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How to clean your oven without chemicals

After you’ve baked your cookies , you need to clean your oven. Cleaning is nobody’s favorite activity especially cleaning the oven. When it’s oven cleaning time we usually take different kinds of chemical agents which we can find in any other store.
Comercials on TV convince us in their effectiveness but what happenes when you start using them.
Cleaning products don’t get the desired effect that we expect , they also contain dangerous supstances which can be harmful to us.
So you ask with what should I clean all those greasy surfaces and what is the most effective tool to use. Our answer is a natural cleansers. Those you can make yourself. And most of the things you need can already be found in your home.

What do you need for cleaning your oven?

Baking soda
 Water
 Rubber gloves
 Damp dish cloth
 Plastic or silicone spatula
 Spray bottle
 White vinegar


1. Empty your oven. First take out the racks out of your oven and the thermometer, also if you have any food remainings take those out as well.
2. Make baking soda paste: In a little bowl put ½ cup of baking soda and a couple of water spoons, mix them together until you get a mixture that looks like a paste.
3. Coat your oven: Gently put the paste on the inside part of your oven. Avoid the heat elements. Using gloves try to reach all the angles because usually those can be the spots that are the dirtiest. Paste made of baking soda , while you scrub the oven , the color will turn brown , but that’s a good sign because it means it’s taking off all the grease. Try to cover all the parts and pay most attention to those parts where the grease is in layers.
4. Leave it overnight: This way the covered oven needs to stay at least 12h so the grease would be completely removed.
5. Clean the racks out of the oven. In the meantime clean racks from the oven by putting on a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. This can be tiring but the result is incredible.
6. Wipe out your oven: After 6h with the help of a damp dish cloth remove the most of hardened paste. For this step you can use plastic or silicon spatula for those parts that you can’t remove with the dish cloth.
7. Spray vinegar on your oven: Put on vinegar with help of bottle spray wherever you see leftovers of baking soda. Vinegar instantly reacts to baking soda , by touching it creates mild foam and additionally cleans the surface of the oven.
8. Wipe out the oven one more time. With a damp dish cloth wipe the leftovers of vinegar and baking soda mixture. Repeat until everything is removed. Add more water if you want your oven to be cristal clear.

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