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How To Stencil a Personalized Tile Floor

Check out the steps in action:

After you’ve cleaned your floor paint it black, or whatever color you desire. This will be the color of the grout lines in between the hexagon tiles. Allow the floor to dry completely.
Fill in the stencil by applying light pressure to the stencil roller. Make sure to offload any excess paint from your stencil roller onto a paper towel before stenciling the floor. This helps reduce paint from seeping underneath the stencil. The number one mistake when stenciling is having too much paint on your stencil brush or roller!
Peel back your stencil to reveal this awesome tile. Doesn’t that pattern just pop?
For the next section, simply align the tile stencil with the previously stenciled portions. This registration system makes stenciling a breeze!
Keep stenciling until your floor is filled with this beautiful hexagon pattern. The design looks so intricate but with a tile stencil, it was no trouble to create at all! Onto the lettering portion of this DIY stencil project.
Pro Tip: map out the letters using the stencil and mark the hexagons you want stenciled with a pencil. Dig this idea? Check out more stencil inspiration on the Stencil Ideas section of our website!
Stencil the letters with a professional stencil brush. These brushes are great for smaller details such as this!
Peel back the stencil to reveal the portion of the letter you just created.
Align the stencil and continue to fill in the hexagons to create your personalized tile floor.
How cool is this personalized tile floor? What looks complicated is actually so easy! What would you spell out on your tile floor?
Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!
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